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The tradition of the Three Wise Men in Tenerife

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Few traditions are as deeply rooted as the day of the Three Wise Men in Tenerife. If there is one annual event that Spanish children look forward to, it is the 6th of January.  Many of the most tender childhood memories of the Canaries are probably set on this day – from the surprise of presents when they get out of bed, Read full article

Germany and the Canary Islands: two cultures with a lot in common

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Germany and Canary Islands
It is estimated that some 177,000 German tourists visited the Canary Islands in 2018, making it the second most popular nationality of the Islands after the United Kingdom. The relationship of our archipelago with Germany comes from way back and it has fervently influenced our tourism model, customs, environmental awareness and even some of the surnames that are now considered autochthonous. Read full article

7 very refreshing tips to help your children resist the summer heat

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trucos contra calor

The summer months are the best time to enjoy family time together. It is usual that the best childhood memories always have this season as the scene. Splashing in the pool, melting chocolate ice creams and endless afternoons full of games take place year after year, and we couldn’t be more excited about this tender holiday scene. Read full article

How to travel with children and not lose your nerves in the attempt

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travel children
If there is one thing that many travel lovers consider before having children, it is how to continue discovering the world when new members arrive to the family. Let’s be honest… when babies knock on the door the situation changes completely, and that’s why many parents tend to despair. “I’ll never be able to visit the dream places of my wishlist,” “children won’t stand so many flight hours,” or “I’m going to spend years and years with diapers and a crib on my back” are some of the catastrophic thoughts that go through your head. Read full article