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Within Hotel Suite Villa María, NAIAD has been created as a Wellness Centre designed to achieve the perfect harmony between relaxation of body and mind, very different to the wide and impersonal spaces that other spas usually offer their visitors.
We are convinced that it was necessary to create an area for those looking for a close and personal treatment. Read full article

7 very refreshing tips to help your children resist the summer heat

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trucos contra calor

The summer months are the best time to enjoy family time together. It is usual that the best childhood memories always have this season as the scene. Splashing in the pool, melting chocolate ice creams and endless afternoons full of games take place year after year, and we couldn’t be more excited about this tender holiday scene. Read full article

48 hours at Hotel Suite Villa María

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The Hotel Suite Villa Maria is a dream place, especially for families and golfers. Year after year, guests from all over the world visit us searching for a peaceful, affable and charming space to enjoy a relaxing experience with tailored-made services.
Although there are many ways to enjoy the services and facilities of our hotel, Read full article

Discovering the new concept of our Restaurant La Torre

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The world of gastronomy has been the centre of all conversations for years and in the Canary Islands we were not going to be left behind. With a total of six Michelin star Restaurants in Tenerife and a hotel and catering scene that is growing more and more on a national level, the island has become a benchmark among enthusiasts of the culinary universe. Read full article

Tips to organize your event in Tenerife

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Events and celebrations tend to cause headaches amongst those who organize it. Only the most expert of minds are able to take into account even the smallest of details when it comes to organizing successful events and/or meetings. In an environment as idyllic as Hotel Suite Villa María we are used to offering adapted solutions for all tastes and needs, Read full article

Advantages of staying in a villa

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There are those who prefer urban holidays, there are also people who search for adventures, backpacker style, while others choose to enjoy their free days in nature. The truth is that, nowadays, holiday plans are as diverse as one wants to imagine. Precisely, if there is something that embodies the island of Tenerife, Read full article

The importance of accessibility at Hotel Suite Villa María

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The island of Tenerife is the ideal place to rest and enjoy a more than pleasant holiday.  The physical and mental benefits of spending some relaxing days in an environment with mild temperatures and in a quiet atmosphere are numerous.  Many visitors that arrive to the island search for ideal places where they can enjoy this experience and, Read full article

Your family vacation at Hotel Suite Villa María

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If you are planning your family vacation, Hotel Suite Villa María is your ideal accommodation! We know that finding the perfect accommodation for family vacations can be tricky, hotels with connecting rooms?, comfortable and safe to go with small children?, with entertainment activities? Please find below reasons why Hotel Suite Villa Maria is a great place to travel with your family. Read full article