The importance of accessibility at Hotel Suite Villa María

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The island of Tenerife is the ideal place to rest and enjoy a more than pleasant holiday. 
The physical and mental benefits of spending some relaxing days in an environment with mild temperatures and in a quiet atmosphere are numerous.  Many visitors that arrive to the island search for ideal places where they can enjoy this experience and, there is no doubt, that Hotel Suite Villa María is a perfect option for a dream holiday.

Committed to the accessibility regulations within hotels, we take special care about how we can make our guests feel comfortable in our villas and avoid all types of inconveniences if they have any kind of disability.  It is very important to us, that all of our guests feel at home and that they feel inspired by the family atmosphere in the hotel, for that reason we offer different channels of communication such as (e-mail, telephone, social media, reception…) with the objective of letting us know in advance their special needs/requirements in every case.

Amongst all the categories that require adaptation, in this post we would like to mention three types of disability: reduced mobility, displacement difficulty and reduced visibility. We are perfectly conscious that there we could include many more variations, that is why we encourage you to let us know your conditions in every moment. We will do our very best to adapt our services accordingly.

We understand that getting around the villas may make guests with reduced mobility and displacement difficulty feel reluctant. For that very reason, at Hotel Suite Villa Maria we offer all of our guests to be driven by golf buggies (driven by our Bellboys) that allow the access to all the areas of the hotel and therefore be able to enjoy all our points of sales without problem.

Moreover, at Hotel Suite Villa Maria we provide adapted two bedroom villas (115m2). We have a total of 4 adapted villas, whose bathrooms are completely equipped with the necessary features for guests with reduced mobility. Their larger spaces also allow guests in wheelchairs to freely move around the villa’s lounge and downstairs’ bedroom.

On the other hand, regarding guests with visual disability and, even though pets are not allowed at the hotel, the access with guide dogs is evidently allowed and guaranteed, following the national regulations guidelines. We are fully aware that this help is vital for guests with visual disability and for that reason we offer all our support to make sure that both have a good stay during their holidays.

Our aim is to work together and reach an appropriate environment to cater for everyone’s needs, and also make sure that our hotel is a more diverse place and accessible. If you are thinking of booking, we will be glad to solve all of your doubts through the following phone number +34 922 168 548 or either by e-mail

Furthermore, if you prefer, you can send us a message through our website form or through our various social media profiles.

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