Hotel Suite Villa Maria, an ideal place for luxury wine/matching

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Hotel Suite Villa María not only stands out for its comfort, its views and its tranquility. Located in the middle of Costa Adeje Golf course, it is an excellent place for luxury wine pairing that, including all the great services, makes your stay an unforgettable experience.

Following our traditions and our villas inspired by the architecture of the Canarian Archipelago, we make an enormous effort to offer our clients the best gastronomic service according to our history, offering fresh local products that enchant the clientele.

The Canary Islands has been home to important markets, among which our cheeses and wines stand out. The variety of microclimates with which it counts on and the wide variety of grapes has awarded the archipelago to receiving many internationals awards by Origen Denomination Products, quality guarantee.

On the rise

The connection between cheeses and wines comes from the olden days, from the first island winemakers. And this binomial has continued to rise as years pass by until it has become an important tourist request that activates the five senses, especially because the pleasure for wine usually grows when it is accompanied by a good cheese.


There are multiple combinations, although our gastronomic team recommends to choose a cheese, which flavor is equal to or less than the broth that we are going to taste: for example a soft cheese with a soft wine and without a lot of body like the light, semi-dry and fruity wines with Denomination of Origin; or a strong cheese with a full bodied wine such as the sweet wine variety of Malvasia, Muscat grape, black listan and the sweet reds of the black Baboso variety.

During the wine-matching it is also vital to know what type of milk and the maturation time (fresh, semi-cured, cured, old …) and, although you should not be afraid to try different textures and flavors, combining cheeses and wines from the same region is often synonymous of success.

The taste of our cheeses is very particular, and depending on the amount of salt, the type of milk, smoked notes and ripening, will result in a good match. Some come with the crust covered with gofio or paprika that allows them to combine best with white wines with a step of wood or aging: white listan, malvasías of high areas and rose wines.

At our hotel you will find a wide variety of cheeses and wines with which you can enjoy a lovely evening, not forgetting the popular grilled cheese from La Palma with our popular mojo sauce that will surely impress you, dare taste our products?


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