Little actions achieve great objectives: our commitment with Sustainability

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Sustainability is not an option. It is indeed a reason, the only and fundamental reason to exist and persist. The reason that governs and marks all the ways that any company should walk through in order to achieve not only its survival as a business, but also the very possibility of survival in the long terms of any type of business. If we consider this a basic foundation for any company, when we talk about touristic establishments like ours, it becomes an unquestionable guideline.

eco-blog5This is such a reality for Hotel Suite Villa Maria that even our own Marketing Plan already recognizes the undeniable value of the Commitment to Sustainability, not only environmental, but also from the perspective of the dissemination of the local culture and the contribution to the social integration. This is the only way for our island, and our hotel, to survive on time.

Hotel Suite Villa María, a 100% Canarian resort, raised and managed daily by Canarian capital, the economic and the human, has worked very hard from the very first moment of its opening towards sustainability. There is no other way to do it, or at least we do not of any other way. A hotel that is able to survive in such a unique and precious environmental setting in the small corner of Tenerife (where we are located), inexorably passes by contributing to the day to day maintenance of this beautiful space, fighting against pollution, betting on local crops and production in our gastronomic and general products selections, which not only favors the local economy, but also the enrichment of the own land where we are located on, keeping it fertile and productive. The promotion of the Canarian culture in each and every stone that is part of our hotel, showing the world, and to those who visit us, the wonders of the place where we were born so that they, too, wish not only to continue returning, but also feel like contributing and take care of it in order to find it always as incredible and unique as they discovered it for the first time.

There have been a few stones along the road that we have had to dodge during this task, especially as far as good use of the environment is concerned. But nothing has slowed us down or hindered our spirit to keep on going and everyday improve little by little and care more for our land.


eco-blog2That is why we can finally announce that our customers, workers and friends already have available tools as basic as the containers needed to separate the waste. This is a great achievement, reached together with Adeje’s Council (whose work and concern has been essential) to contribute with the recycling in the improvement of our services and, at the same time, in the care of our surroundings.

This accomplishment comes only to join other initiatives that we have implemented since our origins, such as the placement of important information in our villas, talking about the scarce value that is water in our territory, and always inviting our guests to make responsible use of our services of changing of bed linen and towels, in order to help us avoid as much as possible the excessive consumption of this precious asset.

Our automated air conditioning systems, which disconnects as soon as it detects that the villa’s doors are open, are also the result of our efforts made to minimize the impact of these systems on global warming as much as possible. A controlled system that, undoubtedly, our wonderful temperate climate allows us to have throughout the year and which our guests value greatly.

eco-blog3At the Hotel Suite Villa María we have also opted for the use of efficient lighting systems, which work to reduce consumption and, in this way, to cause the least possible impact on the environment.

However, we still believe that there is a long and arduous path to walk. There are still countless tasks on our wish list to further improve our small world and thus contribute to the great world, our entire planet, to have a very very long life expectancy. Will you help us achieve it? It is very easy! You just have to join our commitment and, during your stay with us, use our waste separators, make a reasonable and meditated use of the air conditioning systems, hang your towels on the towel rails when you think that they can still be used for another day, and place on your bed in your villa the sign display indicating our house-keeping staff when you would like your bed linen to be changed.

Remember, every little gesture gives a bit more life to our environment, our island, our planet and, therefore, our hotel so that you can continue enjoying it for many many more years. Are you in?


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