Juan Luis Guerra and Orishas fill Golf Costa Adeje with Latin rhythms, with the collaboration of Hotel Suite Villa María

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Juan Luis Guerraencabezado

Last July 15th, Juan Luis Guerra and Orishas amused Costa Adeje with a unique concert with which we had the privilege of collaborating as sponsors, as we had the honour of hosting the Cuban band which was in charge of the kick-off of a memorable night.

Over 10,000 people had the privilege of attending the show, which means the only concert that the Dominican artist is offering on this tour in the Canary Islands, as well as the rhythms of Orishas, one of the Latin bands with the highest international recognition.

Juan Luis Guerra 15 07 17 (2)

The show began at the edge of 8pm, with the sounds of the Cuban band that has revolutionized the way of understanding the Caribbean music, being the forerunners of what is already known as Cuban Hip-Hop, an inimitable mix between the Cuban traditional music and the typical rhythms of hip-hop.

After them and with the Green of Golf Costa Adeje already defeated under the dance, Juan Luis Guerra, winner of 21 Grammys and with more than 30 million albums sold to his credit, made La Caleta tremble since passed 9pm to almost midnight.

For us it has been a real pleasure and a real luxury to collaborate in such a relevant and special event performed in our little corner of paradise. Pay attention to our blog and our social networks and do not miss the all the events that are yet to come and that will not disappoint you.

Party goes on! ?

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