Our commitment with Golf

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Golf has became during the last decade one of the most demanded sports as well for tourists as for residents, engaging a good branch of followers, not only foreign but also from the Canary Islands and, of course, from different parts of Spain. Such is the success of this sport that we can already find 8 golf courses in Tenerife with the best quality and really well considered between the top golf players of the world. 

There are many visitants who plan their holidays in the Canary Islands, not only because of our well-known subtropical climate, the best of the world, but also attracted by the idea of amusing themselves with our golf courses and their great variety of opportunities to practice this grand sport. It may be practiced for entertainment or participating in one of the different tours celebrated all over the year in the Canary Islands.

In Hotel Suite Villa María, located within one of these marvelous golf courses, Golf Costa Adeje, we have always kept a firm compromise with the promotion and the support of this sport. We have shown up this bet collaborating in different initiatives related to Golf, like tours, circuits and events, inside and outside the Canary Islands.

A good example is the Open Galicia, that has just finished the second of its 14 rounds, with which the players will visit the best golf courses of Galicia during the next months thanks, among others, to the sponsorship of Hotel Suite Villa María.


This is the second year in a row that our hotel collaborates with the Galician competition, providing some of the awards that the winners will receive, consisting in hosting bonus in Hotel Suite Villa María, together with Golf Fees, to be used in the surrounding golf course, so they can practice and enjoy this sport. 

In addition, this year we have created a specially designed pack for golf players and fans of the Open Galicia, through which we give them the opportunity not only to discover and enjoy Tenerife with their families, but also to practice their swing in Golf Costa Adeje, where they could also prepare themselves to continue with their game at the tour, back in Galicia.

Actually, the IV Golf Tour of Hotel Suite Villa María, that will take place next May 21 at Golf Costa Adeje, will be a great opportunity for the players from Galicia to test their handicaps and discover the Canary Islands golf style in one of the best tours of Tenerife, signed up in the ‘Tenerife Golf’ Tour.


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