La Caleta and Hotel Suite Villa María: Silence’s Paradise

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El silencio en La Caleta

Can you hear that? Yes, we know you cannot, because that is how the silence sounds. And silence is the commonest sound you will hear at Hotel Suite Villa María.

Did you know that La Caleta is one of the most silent places in Adeje? According to the recent study published by Adeje’s Council, the general media of decibels registered at La Caleta do not exceed 50db, highly below the maxim allowed level in Spain, stablished on 65db.

Mapa del Ruido de Adeje

In this sense, among the many areas of Adeje, La Caleta is, without any doubt, one of the quietest spaces, according to what shows the “Noise’s Map” developed by the town to evaluate, to measure and to improve all the skills related to noise in this important touristic destiny of Tenerife.

That is why Hotel Suite Villa María has been always considered by our guests as the perfect hotel to relax and unwind, far away from hustle and bustle. Our landscaped areas, the private gardens of our villas and the lovely scenery which surrounds us, with stunning views over the golf course and the ocean, join this generalized silence which characterize this little corner of Tenerife.

Vistas desde Hotel Suite Villa María

Don’t you feel like just coming to enjoy it?

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