The Bar Plaza is filled with the best flavours and aromas during the Arzuaga wine tasting event

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Today we would like to share with you an interesting and unique experience which we were privileged to enjoy at our Bar Plaza last Wednesday 20th April 2016. Javier Bañales, a well known wine expert, visited us with an interesting wine tasting. This event was organized by ‘Bodegas Arzuaga’ with the collaboration of ‘Herreros Alimentación’ and our Hotel Suite Villa Maria.

The event, which also featured the spectacular skills of Alonso Sanchez Goye (Master of Ham cutting), joined together a nourished group of wonderful enthusiasts of the art of wine list which included many clients from the Hotel Suite Villa Maria. They were able to enjoy the techniques and skills of Bañales and the ham delicacies, the delicious dishes prepared for this special occasion by our chef David Moraga and the ‘Dehesa de los Llanos’, which is one of the best cheeses in the world having been awarded with the World Cheese Award.

But without doubt, the highlight of the evening were the different varieties of ‘Ribera del Duero’ wines brought to us by the ‘Bodegas Arzuaga’, like the ‘Crianza 2013‘, 100% Tempranillo, which has the perfect taste to be drunk with the most delicious meats, or the ‘Pago Florentino 2015‘ (Cencibel), which makes the perfect maridaje with rice, white meats or even chocolate desserts. ‘La Planta 2014‘ is another Tempranillo perfect to join with ‘tapas’, while the ‘Rosae 2014‘ is a pink Tempranillo ideal to be served cold together with fish and sea food. 

Guests were able to enjoy a truly lively evening session perceiving flavors, aromas and general characteristics and secrets of the wines guided by  Bañales, one of the best wine stewards in the Canary Islands.

The interior-exterior space of our ‘Bar Plaza’ and our great ‘Central Plaza’, together with the expertise of our Chef, the quality of our restaurant service and our wonderful climate, meant the perfect combination to achieve the ideal environment for an exceptional  evening  which visitors and guests thoroughly enjoyed.

Please don’t miss the photographic summary of the day.

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