The sweetest Christmas in Hotel Suite Villa María

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Christmas is coming to Hotel Villa Maria Suite! And our pastry chef Jesús Camacho has prepared a special selection of desserts for this season to complete the delicious new Desserts Menu of our restaurant La Torre.

A real pleasure for the senses that we have created with passion for the most discerning palates.

Delicacies so delightful as the ‘Chestnuts, hazelnuts and pears textures’, or our exquisite ‘Sweet Forest’ are going to fill with the most Christmas’s flavors our just renewed Desserts Menu. A new dessert menu which is a commitment to innovation, by the chef David Moraga and the head of patisserie, Jesus Camacho, where art and cuisine come together to present a wide variety of new and delicious desserts.

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100% homemade in the kitchens of Hotel Suite Villa Maria, with the best ingredients available, this new menu follows the quality standards of the remarkable cuisine designed by Moraga, inspired by the traditional Canarian cuisine fused with international cuisine.

The creations are very colorful, fresh, light and also are in the vanguard of the pastries. Crispy, soft, cold, hot, solid and liquid textures that invite the desire of the sweetest.

Some of the fantastic elaborations of David Moraga and Camacho, are for example: 


All without missing such authentic dishes of the most pure culinary tradition of the Islands as the famous ‘Bienmesabe’, originally from the island of La Palma, as our chef; or the well known ‘Príncipe Alberto’. Of course, both with the masterful and unique touch of Moraga and Camacho.

Here you can see all the new desserts of the a la carte restaurant “La Torre” of Hotel Suite Villa María. Although, the best is you to come and try all of them! 😉

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