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Fashion in Tenerife: an industry that has a lot to tell

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Our islands must have something special concentrating so many artists per square meter. Creativity is found in every corner of this enclave in the middle of the Atlantic and, of course, the world of fashion could not be exempt. Read full article

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A day in La Gomera

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La Gomera
La Gomera is hospitality, dreamy landscapes, a gastronomy that conquers the senses and corners full of tradition. The neighbouring island is one of the most unknown in the Archipelago and, however, it’s the home of multitude spaces and plans worth knowing. In just 370 kilometers of surface we can find as many wonders as an unusual National Park, Read full article

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Crafts from Tenerife that are worth investing in

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Crafts from Tenerife
Just like any place where tradition plays an important role, Tenerife is a great place to appreciate the work of local artisans. Public organisations on the island and all over the Canary Islands are firm believers of this trade since years, with catalogues, fairs and options for new generations to start this type of work. Read full article

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3 perfect plans to explore the waters of Tenerife

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Tenerife waters
The first signs that summer has already begun on the island of Tenerife and we couldn’t be more excited. The days are getting longer and longer, the bar terraces are getting busy, the festival season at Costa Adeje has officially opened and our yearning for beach time is increasing.
One of the great reasons why travellers from all over the world choose the Canary Islands – and specifically Tenerife- for their summer holidays, Read full article

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The seven natural wonders of Tenerife

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If there is something that we love about Tenerife it is its infinite possibilities as a holiday destination. These are the 7 natural wonders you can't miss.If there is something that we love about Tenerife it is its infinite possibilities as a holiday destination. Each island belonging to the Canary Islands has its own particular charm: Fuerteventura boasts of some of the best beaches in the world, La Gomera is a living witness of the prehistoric Laurisilva forest and Lanzarote is able to connect the artistic heritage of César Manrique with almost extra-terrestrial volcanic landscapes. Read full article

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Papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes): the delicacy of the islands

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papas arrugadas
A delicacy with a lot of history and a good reason to sigh for most of the Canarian palates. This basic ingredient, coming from America, made its entrance to the islands more than 400 years ago and, since then, has not stopped reinventing itself. While our grandparents have witnessed how potatoes – wrinkled or not – helped alleviate the periods of scarcity in the past, Read full article

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Summer festivals in Tenerife: Hotel Suite Villa María’s bet for music

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festivales tenerife
This weekend the music festival season with the celebration of the iconic Coachella Valley Music Arts Festival in California has opened all around the world. This indisputable date with music, celebrities and Instagram is, today, an inspiration for those who are excited about starting the summer and relaxed outdoors plans.
Even though at Hotel Suite Villa Maria we practically live in eternal summer all year round, Read full article

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All you need to know about Footgolf

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footgolf tenerife
Support for sports is one of Hotel Suite Villa María’s main pillars. Our understanding of holidays is much more in line with today’s new scenario, where one combines days of absolute relaxation together with activities on the move to guarantee the best well-being.
With a high-performance sports centre just in front of our establishment, Read full article

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How to travel with children and not lose your nerves in the attempt

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travel children
If there is one thing that many travel lovers consider before having children, it is how to continue discovering the world when new members arrive to the family. Let’s be honest… when babies knock on the door the situation changes completely, and that’s why many parents tend to despair. “I’ll never be able to visit the dream places of my wishlist,” “children won’t stand so many flight hours,” or “I’m going to spend years and years with diapers and a crib on my back” are some of the catastrophic thoughts that go through your head. Read full article

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Reception organizes your experiences in Tenerife

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The personalized attention that we offer at Hotel Suite Villa María is one of the main values that our guests highlight. Our concept of closeness and our family atmosphere is precisely one of the reasons why such a close bond is created between the employees and our guests.
Indeed, from our colleague Bea, Read full article

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