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Within Hotel Suite Villa María, NAIAD has been created as a Wellness Centre designed to achieve the perfect harmony between relaxation of body and mind, very different to the wide and impersonal spaces that other spas usually offer their visitors.
We are convinced that it was necessary to create an area for those looking for a close and personal treatment. Read full article

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A walk through the best markets of Tenerife

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mercados de tenerife

Since the famous American writer, Michael Pollan, said the quote of “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” or that in Spain, Carlos Ríos revolutionized the Social Media with the Real Food movement, the concern for the composition of food has become a constant among consumers.
It must also have had something to do with the British chef, Read full article

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Germany and the Canary Islands: two cultures with a lot in common

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Germany and Canary Islands
It is estimated that some 177,000 German tourists visited the Canary Islands in 2018, making it the second most popular nationality of the Islands after the United Kingdom. The relationship of our archipelago with Germany comes from way back and it has fervently influenced our tourism model, customs, environmental awareness and even some of the surnames that are now considered autochthonous. Read full article

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Will the eruption come? Everything you need to know about Teide National Park

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teide national park
Tenerife cannot be understood without the Teide. With its 3,718 meters of height, this impressive volcano that presides over the interior of the island stands not only as the highest peak in Spain, but also as the third highest volcano in the world. However, beyond the many curiosities that characterize this monument of nature, Read full article

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7 very refreshing tips to help your children resist the summer heat

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trucos contra calor

The summer months are the best time to enjoy family time together. It is usual that the best childhood memories always have this season as the scene. Splashing in the pool, melting chocolate ice creams and endless afternoons full of games take place year after year, and we couldn’t be more excited about this tender holiday scene. Read full article

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Bicycles here on Tenerife can (also) be enjoyed during summer

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tenerife bicycleThe wind on your face, the many kilometres you can ride or all the environmental friendly advantages of pedaling. There are many reasons to choose a bicycle here on Tenerife as your mean of transport. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, on our island you will find the ideal paths and corners for an experience worthy of the best episodes of the Spanish classical series Verano Azul. Read full article

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Fashion in Tenerife: an industry that has a lot to tell

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Moda en Tenerife

Foto: Cándido Domínguez Díaz

Our islands must have something special concentrating so many artists per square meter. Creativity is found in every corner of this enclave in the middle of the Atlantic and, of course, the world of fashion could not be exempt. Read full article

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A day in La Gomera

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La Gomera
La Gomera is hospitality, dreamy landscapes, a gastronomy that conquers the senses and corners full of tradition. The neighbouring island is one of the most unknown in the Archipelago and, however, it’s the home of multitude spaces and plans worth knowing. In just 370 kilometers of surface we can find as many wonders as an unusual National Park, Read full article

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Crafts from Tenerife that are worth investing in

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Crafts from Tenerife
Just like any place where tradition plays an important role, Tenerife is a great place to appreciate the work of local artisans. Public organisations on the island and all over the Canary Islands are firm believers of this trade since years, with catalogues, fairs and options for new generations to start this type of work. Read full article

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3 perfect plans to explore the waters of Tenerife

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Tenerife waters
The first signs that summer has already begun on the island of Tenerife and we couldn’t be more excited. The days are getting longer and longer, the bar terraces are getting busy, the festival season at Costa Adeje has officially opened and our yearning for beach time is increasing.
One of the great reasons why travellers from all over the world choose the Canary Islands – and specifically Tenerife- for their summer holidays, Read full article

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