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Cómo disfrutar lo mejor del Carnaval de Tenerife

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Cómo disfrutar lo mejor del Carnaval de Tenerife

El Carnaval de Tenerife es música, color, fiesta y un sinfín de planes para pequeños y adultos. La isla se prepara ya para recibir uno de los grandes eventos del año y llega el momento de empezar a desempolvar el disfraz. Read full article

The tradition of the Three Wise Men in Tenerife

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Few traditions are as deeply rooted as the day of the Three Wise Men in Tenerife. If there is one annual event that Spanish children look forward to, it is the 6th of January.  Many of the most tender childhood memories of the Canaries are probably set on this day – from the surprise of presents when they get out of bed, Read full article

Summer festivals in Tenerife: Hotel Suite Villa María’s bet for music

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festivales tenerife
This weekend the music festival season with the celebration of the iconic Coachella Valley Music Arts Festival in California has opened all around the world. This indisputable date with music, celebrities and Instagram is, today, an inspiration for those who are excited about starting the summer and relaxed outdoors plans.
Even though at Hotel Suite Villa Maria we practically live in eternal summer all year round, Read full article

Tips to organize your event in Tenerife

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Events and celebrations tend to cause headaches amongst those who organize it. Only the most expert of minds are able to take into account even the smallest of details when it comes to organizing successful events and/or meetings. In an environment as idyllic as Hotel Suite Villa María we are used to offering adapted solutions for all tastes and needs, Read full article

Enjoy the best events on our Chill out Terrace

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This summer, you can’t miss the unparalleled opportunity to attend the exclusive events we have designed for you. We are prepared to surprise you and fill your holidays with rhythm and flavours so you can enjoy a unique environment through all your sense. Don’t hesitate, give a tribute to your palate, smell, sight, Read full article

Your perfect wedding, framed by Hotel Suite Villa María

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bodas-villamariaSpring is almost here and, obviously, the wedding season in the Hotel Suite Villa María. The most important day of your life should be special for you and your guests, so choosing unique places like our villas is a safe bet.

Even though we have already spoken in the past about all the services in our hotel to celebrate your engagement, Read full article

Your most special Valentine’s Day in Hotel Suite Villa María

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pareja-cortadaFebruary arrives, the month of love and at Hotel Suite Villa María we want to celebrate with you in style. Discover our Valentine’s package and surprise your partner. Read full article

The Carnival 2018 in Tenerife

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The Carnival in Tenerife is quite an event. During a few weeks, different celebrations will take place around the whole island, being those of Santa Cruz de Tenerife the most famous and expected. Read full article

The night of Three Kings. An endearing Christmas tradition

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The night of the Three Kings is a tradition that is very much ours, full of charm. One of the most exciting days of the year has arrived, a perfect time to share, give and receive.

With the Christmas lights still illuminating the streets, in Tenerife we celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings with happy festivities and a long tradition that both children and adults enjoy. Read full article

Hotel Suite Villa María, a magical backdrop for a winter wedding

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Making the most of the holiday season, maybe one of your resolutions for the coming year is to get married! At Hotel Suite Villa María, we offer you a fairy tale wedding in an exclusive setting. Read full article