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The tradition of the Three Wise Men in Tenerife

By | 30 December, 2019 | 0 comments


Few traditions are as deeply rooted as the day of the Three Wise Men in Tenerife. If there is one annual event that Spanish children look forward to, it is the 6th of January.  Many of the most tender childhood memories of the Canaries are probably set on this day – from the surprise of presents when they get out of bed, Read full article

Bicycles here on Tenerife can (also) be enjoyed during summer

By | 30 July, 2019 | 0 comments

tenerife bicycleThe wind on your face, the many kilometres you can ride or all the environmental friendly advantages of pedaling. There are many reasons to choose a bicycle here on Tenerife as your mean of transport. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, on our island you will find the ideal paths and corners for an experience worthy of the best episodes of the Spanish classical series Verano Azul. Read full article

Marilyn’s Closet and her family discover Hotel Suite Villa María

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It is admirable the prominence that bloggers and influencers have been acquiring in the last years. The effort made to let people get a much closer vision of the lifestyle world has completely changed the fashion panorama. In the Canary Islands, we currently have very well recognized profiles with prestige, whose reach even arrives to international audiences, Read full article