A hotel-village full of stories

Hotel Suite Villa María

A resort…

… with the soul of a traditional Canarian village

From the moment the client crosses the enormous arches that flank the entrance to its main square, he notices he is not in just any other establishment of its kind. Its village-hotel structure, the intimacy brought by the gardens of its villas and its large garden spaces make clients feel like they are in a true haven of peace at all times, regardless of the time of year or the amount of guests currently staying at the hotel.

Canarian villas

Summary of the Canarian village

Antonio Del Pozo, architect and designer of the unique architectonic structure of Hotel Suite Villa María, defines his work as a “unique hotel with its own personality as opposed to the massive and impersonal hotel type”. During the planning, Del Pozo showed great skill in capturing the most characteristic and unique details of traditional Canarian villages and synthesised them into a project that invites guests to discover the history of traditional Canarian architecture.

Hotel Suite Villa María

Its unique urban planning is based on the most traditional villages of the Canary Islands, shaped as a small town with 78 duplex villas with independent gardens and en-suite rooms that offer their clients the intimacy, peace and cosiness of their own home, with the added excellence and quality of a five-star accommodation.

Seven styles

Hotel Suite Villa María

Noble Villa

The Noble Villa, with its impressive wooden balconies and slate façade, offers the solemnity of the large Sixteenth and Seventeenth-century noble houses built in early Canarian cities like La Laguna or La Vegueta district in Las Palmas.

Hotel Suite Villa María
Hotel Suite Villa María

Rural Villa

The Rural Villa takes us back to the old inland towns and their agricultural tradition, whose historical houses are characterised by their rustic wooden porches and rough whitewashed porous-stone walls.

Lanzarote Villa

Lanzarote Villa is inspired by the picturesque houses of this island, which don’t hide the legacy that the eternal artist and architect César Manrique had on his homeland, with white walls and green and wooden woodwork

Hotel Suite Villa María
Hotel Suite Villa María

Colonial Villa

The Colonial Villa takes us back to the Nineteenth century and to the influence of the early British travellers who arrived to the Canary Islands, leaving behind their unique style. This villa will take you back to the lively times of Canarian ports of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries.

Modernist Villa

The Modernist Villa brings clients closer to the exciting artistic times of the early Twentieth century, with influences of the most extreme Modernism of the time, which arrived to Canarian shores from Barcelona, Belgium and England and which resulted in stunning roofs and unique Gaudí-esque masonry.

Hotel Suite Villa María
Hotel Suite Villa María

Neoclassical Villa

The Neoclassical Villa reminds us of the Canarian Neo-Rationalism style of Néstor de la Torre and that Neoclassical feel which invaded the islands in the early Twentieth century, surprising with villas of impressive structure and solemn weight.

Fusion Villa

The Fusion Villa constitutes a personal reinterpretation by the architect of all the Canarian architectonic styles represented in the hotel, thus becoming a unique and differentiated space that brings together the artistic and cultural heritage of the Canary Islands into a single villa, which also stands out for its beauty and stunning colours.

Hotel Suite Villa María

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