Memories of the Canary Islands from Club Pispita

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That in Suite Villa Maria Hotel we love children is something that, if you have already came to stay with us, you know for sure.

Thanks to our fantastic Animation team, the little ones of the family have  great times while parents relax in their villas and enjoy the tranquility and the wonderful climate of Costa Adeje.

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What we do not know if you know is that we also love that, when our customers leave, kids had interesting memories, stories, adventures and knowledge to tell and to keep with them throughout their lives. Yesterday, on the occasion of the celebration of the Canarian Day, was one of those perfect days to introduce the little ones in the history and culture of the Canary Islands.

The flag of the Archipielago, the most native traditions of the Islands, were some of the main topics that ruled the activities organized for the our guests children during the whole day. They painted, shaped, discovered and, as always, laughed, played, danced and had lot of fun.

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The wonderful Bea, who most of you surely know if you have came with children to Hotel Suite Villa María, taught with funny drawings such traditional items as the Drago Millennial of La Orotava, unmistakable sign of Tenerife; discovered the beauty of the Canarian bird;, the delight of the banana and even the most traditional typical costumes of the Canaries.

Children had a great time painting all these typical symbols of the islands, and yes, some in their own way. Is not just fun to see the Canary Island’s flag reminding more to those of their own countries? 😀

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The exquisite Canarian sweets were also not lacking in the children’s “kitchen” of our Club Pispita, where they became mini-chefs and molded rosquetes, bienmesabe or quesillo, among other typical delicacies. Yes, once again in their own way. Do not be surprised to see some quesillo more like a cup cake. It doesn’t matter! The important thing was to have fun and enjoy another day at Hotel Suite Villa Maria, to carry in the backpack lots of memories and new knowledges that they will undoubtedly keep forever.

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From Tenerife, to the whole world, will travel with them the happiness of the Canary Islands. 😀

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