Hotel Suite Villa María

Safe Destination

At Hotel Suite Villa María we guarantee safe stays to our guests.

In order to preserve a low epidemiological incidence, the autonomous government establishes special protocols for travel to and from other destinations in Europe and the world. We advise you to find out before booking your holiday. The most up-to-date information on entry and exit to the Canary Islands and Tenerife is published on the following links:

Cleaning and disinfection protocols

All cleaning and disinfection protocols have been designed together with our expert technical advisors in the field, always following the recommendations of the health authorities and WHO. We use approved products that are completely harmless and respectful of the health of our guests and employees. We also have disinfection stations in all public areas across the hotel.

Digitisation of processes

Digitising various procedures reduces contact risk and waiting times. In addition, new applications available at the hotel limit the use of physical media to transmit information, improving the guest experience.

Social distance

All our protocols have been designed to limit social interaction, in order to protect our guests and members of staff. The redistribution of spaces, the control of the capacities and the increase of digital media allow the safety distance to be respected.

Hotel Suite Villa María
Hotel Suite Villa María

Your villa

The cleanliness and sanitation of the villas will be thoroughly taken care of through the use of biocidal products approved by the department of health. This cleaning will be especially thorough when guests leave the villa at the end of each stay.

We also ensure a time interval before new guests occupy it.

During your stay, we will provide the housekeeping service only in your absence. Please contact reception to coordinate cleaning times.

Bed linen and towels will be washed at a temperature above 60 ºC. Used linen and towels will be removed in sealed bags to avoid contact with clean clothes. Some of the usual welcome products will be available upon request only.

Our public areas

All entrances to the public areas in our complex are equipped with disinfectant carpets that help sanitise the sole of footwear. On the floor and walls there are reminders to keep the right distance from other people. Public areas have hand sanitiser available to everyone. Highest risk points of contact (door knobs, lift buttons, etc.) shall be disinfected several times a day.

The swimming pools, mini club, beauty centre and gym will have limited capacity and thorough cleanings to ensure everyone’s health.

Staff training

All members of staff receive ongoing training on the health protocols to follow and have access to the information necessary to ensure the well-being of our guests.

Our team

All members of the Hotel Suite Villa Maria team are equipped with their own hand sanitiser and personal protective equipment, which they will always carry with them. They will maintain a distance of 2 metres and use operating procedures that ensure your comfort and constant safety. Each member of the team will be trained in handling specific materials for cleaning and disinfection. Please respect the instructions of our team at all times.

All the measures we take serve to make your stay with us a pleasant, memorable and, most importantly, safe one.

Hotel Suite Villa María
Hotel Suite Villa María


We have increased the distance between the tables in our bars and restaurants so that you can enjoy your meals safely and comfortably. We extend our room service for those who prefer to make the most of the privacy of their villa. Our gastronomic offer will be adapted to health requirements and will be updated as per the situation.

We have implemented new processes and formulas for service and consumption, without altering the quality of our guests’ experience. All the products we offer come from certified suppliers and distributors.